Aurora Central High School and North Middle School have done something this spring that is a contrast to traditional parent-teacher conferences.  Both school buildings had buses available at their school sites for parents and students alike to ride to the Afrikmall where departments from each school building had tables with information displayed on April 28th.  Within this atmosphere, parents and students could meet with individual teachers who they currently have for instruction, or could also meet other members of the same department.  Meaning that if this year, I have Mrs. Anderson for Literacy, I could also meet Ms. Frazee, who is the Instructional Coach for the Literacy Department at North Middle School.


It's critical for school districts to offer parents information in an accessible manner.  Community entities can be wonderful places for teachers and school staff to engage with families.  I was pleased to see how well attended conferences for these buildings were in Community A this spring.  I hope to see more events for families like this one.  Way to go Central and North!


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