NPFH is an organization designed to prevent bullying, discrimination against people because of their race, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.  The ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all. With our student body becoming more diverse we wanted to create a place of respect, unity and character which is why we decided to become a No Place for Hate School which is an exciting nation-wide campaign.

One of the exciting activities we have done was the mix it up.  Mix it up day was a day students encouraged one another to sit with someone new during their lunch time. Our Lunches are separated by grade levels. We decided to have our coalition members assist with this exciting activity.  During 6th grade lunch we had the 6th grade coalition members in charge of their lunch.  The 7th grade coalition members where in charge of their lunch and of course 8th coalition members where in charge of their lunch.  All adult coalition members attend all lunches.  Students were provided with microphones to discuss why this was important.  Those students that got up and move around where given NPFH buttons from the NPFH coalition members.  Then the NPFH coalition members introduce their person to the crowd whom they chose to sit with and shared their feelings and asked some of the students to share what it was like for them to take upon this challenge.