Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools (HEARTS)

Healthy Environments And Response to Trauma in Schools (HEARTS) is a program originally created and researched by the University of California San Francisco to address the need for trauma-informed care and practice in the schools. North Middle School Health Sciences & Technology Campus partners with Aurora Mental Health to ensure staff are aware of the impact trauma has on a child's developing brain, learning, and ability to form and maintain relationships, and are prepared to implement trauma sensitive practices in our school. North's HEARTS Consultants: Jaime, Nikki, Amber, Milissa

Guiding PrinciplEs

HEARTS helps school communities

*Understand trauma and stress

*Establish safety and predictability

*Foster compassionate, dependable relationships

*Build self management and interpersonal skills

*Practice cultural humility and responsiveness

*Facilitate empowerment

HEARTS IncreasES safety in schools...

Physical Safety

*Protection from harm

*Reduction of unnecessary triggers

Social Safety

*Build positive working relationships that can provide support and calming in times of stress

Emotional Safety

*Build skills to manage emotions

*"Name it to tame it!"


*Routines, predictability, and consistency

North teachers receive training from HEARTS consultants to educate them about the following topics, and support their planning for implementing better strategies in their work:

  • Understanding trauma and stress...and the impact on learning
  • How trauma and stress affect educators, students, and the learning environment
  • Strategies to support compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue/burnout
  • Domains of impairment and classroom strategies to support
      • Brain development/neurobilogy
      • Relationships/Attachment
      • Affect regulation
      • Behavioral control
      • Dissociation
      • Academic functioning/cognition
      • Self concept

For more information, visit our district's Project AWARE site.