Reading Intervention


Read 180U

Intervention classes are 47 minutes and focus on:

*Whole Group Learning: Teacher facilitates instruction with close-reading strategies, academic vocabulary exercises, practice writing, and engaging discussions with the entire class.

*Station Rotations: Students work independently on Student Applications, and follow a personalized path to enhance their learning experiences.

*Small Group Learning: Students receive targeted, data driven instruction unique to their individual learning needs while building meaningful relationships with their teacher.

*Independent Reading: Students have their choice of content-rich texts to which they can apply their newly acquired vocabulary and comprehension skills.

*Whole Class Instruction: Students reconvene at the end of class for a Whole Group Wrap Up. During this time, part of the instructional model, students reinforce what they learned during the different parts of the day.

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iReady intervention sessions occur 3-5 days a week fro 20-25 minutes during practice time in Literacy and Math classes. The sessions focus on:

*Specific areas of need highlighted from adaptive diagnostic assessments.

*Online lessons featuring instruction appropriate to each student's level.

*Specific lesson plans for teachers to implement during small group instruction.

*Assessment and progress monitoring checks to ensure students are making adequate progress towards goals.

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