Ms. C-Rado

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Call Me At:  303-364-7411 ext. 25649

Hello! I’m Ms. Jenny! I am a student engagement advocate with an emphasis in truancy. I try my very hardest to engage students into school when they’ve built up a lot of absences. When I’m not visiting students at their house, I am always playing outside with my two beautiful kids! 

Classes Taught/Role: Student Engagement Advocate/ Truancy

 College(s) Attended: 

Metropolitan State University- BS in Psychology and Criminal Justice

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with you and why:

Perseverance resonates with me at North. I feel like I do whatever it takes, rather it be dropping by the house, picking up students, multiple meetings just to make sure our students are successful then, now ,and later. Though, I loveeeee working with students, I also love focusing on being a team. They say it takes a village to raise a student. However to teach a student, everyone needs to work as a team/ family to make sure we are all in this together.