Ms. Deavens

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Call Me At: 303-364-7411 ext. 45692

My name is Mrs. Deavens and I’m currently from St. Louis, Missouri. My family and I moved to Colorado in June of 2018. I have 2 daughters and a husband of 21 years. The things that I love to do are traveling with family, vacationing on the beach, and online shopping :) Before moving to Colorado I taught for 16 years 14 in Elementary and 2 years in Middle School. I find Middle School to be my favorite grade level to teach.

Classes Taught/Role: Math and Literacy Intervention/ESS Teacher/8th Grade Team Lead

College(s) Attended: Central Missouri State University now known as University of Central Missouri (UCM) and Webster University

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with me:

Growth Potential

Ability to gain and apply new information quickly, willing to learn and try on new strategies.

This characteristic resonates with me because I believe that growth is never ending. Allowing myself to learn new things and embrace new experiences is what growth is all about. Leading by example to better myself allows me to be a better educator.