Ms. Welcher

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Call Me At: 303-364-7411 ext. 45694

This is my sixth year teaching and my third year at North Middle. I am originally from Missouri.

My favorite subject to teach is Social Studies. I like teaching about different countries' traditions and culture. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, knitting and baking. I am married and have one cat. My husband and I like to go hiking in the mountains and cooking together.

Classes Taught/Role:

Literacy/Math/Science/Social Studies

Autism Center Based Teacher

College(s) Attended:

William Woods University- Bachelor of Arts: Special Education

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with me:

The North Edge Characteristic that resonates with me the most is Humility. Teachers are lifelong learners. We learn from and with our students. I believe that it is important to be open to new ideas. It is important that myself and students have a growth mindset, which means we all make mistakes and they are important to learn. This helps create a better learning environment for all students.