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I was born and raised in Colorado and I love the outdoors and the beauty of our state! I graduated from Metropolitan University of Denver with a bachelors in secondary mathematics education. I work to serve, inspire, and teach students based on what they need as an individual socially, emotionally, and academically. This is my second year teaching at North, and I love the educational, social, and cultural diversity my students bring to class. Everyone is a mathematician and can learn to see the value and beauty of mathematics used throughout our world!

From teaching at North I have realized that I learn as much from students as they learn from me. Students have shown me that throughout the year students and myself must have drive, humility, and be able to reach our growth potential. We must have drive to see success throughout the entire classroom. We must have humility to recognize where we need to grow and look at ourselves from a humble position. Finally we must be able to see our growth potential by having a willingness to learn and a goal to progress.