Ms. Melvin - Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Ms. Melvin

Email Me At: [email protected]

I am a Colorado native. The only time I lived out of state was when I went to graduate school in Tucson, AZ. I met my husband there. When we had our first son, we moved back to be closer to family. I have two sons, ages 21 and 19. Now that they are out of the house, we are learning to enjoy all things not kid related. This will be my 28th year teaching.

Classes Taught/Role: Teacher or the Deaf/hard of hearing. I teach students who have hearing loss in multiple schools and I am lucky enough to have students at North.

College(s) Attended:

University of Northern Colorado, BA in Elem ed-graduated in 1992.

University of Arizona, MA in Deaf Education-graduate in 1994.

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with you and why:

Team Focused

My attitude, words and actions make this a better place to work for everyone around me.

I value working as a team. I feel a team approach is the best way to meet students’ needs as I see a student as a person first, then as a learner. The students’ entire team has something to contribute, including the student, parents and teaching staff. Once I know a student, I can connect with them and then the learning comes due to the respect, trust and relationship we develop.