Ms. Burman

Ms. Burman

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Call Me At: 303-364-7411 ext. 45676

I’ve taught multilingual learners (grades preschool-6th grade) for over two decades, but the 21/22 school year will be my first experience teaching middle school exclusively. While not a native to Colorado, I’ve lived in the state for the last 27 years, raised two sons in Thornton, and my husband and I currently call northwest Aurora home. I absolutely adore traveling to new places and going on BIG adventures that take me out of my comfort zone. One last fun fact about me: my maiden name was Medvid, which is Serbian for “bear,” so I think it’s very fitting that I’m joining North Middle School and becoming part of the Polar Bear community!

Classes Taught/Role:

8th Grade ELD

College(s) Attended:

MSU Denver, 2003 graduate (Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science)

Regis University, 2020 graduate (Master of Arts, CLDE)

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with me:

Perseverance: Willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure all students are on the path to success. “I can’t” is not in my vocabulary. I don't expect to hear it from students either...unless it is followed by “yet.” I faced many challenges in completing my own education, and I know that grit was a key force in achieving my goals. “Don’t stop believing” is a mantra I live by, and my hope is that students build the stamina to persevere towards their own paths to success as well.