Ms. Smallwood

Ms. Smallwood

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I am excited to be part of the North Middle School team! During my 25-year career in education I have assumed different leadership roles and have taught different subjects in Pre-k through College. My biggest passion lies with language learning. Having lived in three different countries and being multilingual and multicultural myself, I have always believed that knowing more than one language is an asset and, therefore, have enormous excitement for my work in service of our Multilingual Learners.

During my free time I enjoy time with my son, traveling, listening to eclectic music, cooking, gardening, and exploring nature!

Classes Taught/Role: CLDE Teacher Leader

I teach 6th-8th Grade ELD and work with teachers to support multilingual students in their classrooms.

College(s) Attended:

University of Braunschweig, Germany

Adams State University

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with me and why:

Perseverance -

I believe that all students can learn and reach their full potential. It is on me/us to find the right strategies and support to help each of our students succeed. It is against my belief as an educator to give up on any student. Based on this, as front-line learners, I believe it is my/our duty to model perseverance, problem-solving, and constant self-improvement for my/our colleagues, students, and families.