Principal's Page

Dear North Middle School Students, Parents, Guardians, and Staff:

My name is Rachel Langberg. I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. I am the proud product of 21 years of public schooling and have proudly been an educator in public schools for the past decade, including as an assistant principal at North last year. And I am thrilled to be your principal this school year!

As principal, I promise that I will bring with me to North every day:

    1. Love for students, parents, guardians, fellow educators, my school, and my job;
    2. Passion for education fueled by a deeply held belief that excellent public schools are essential to the well-being of our children, community, democracy, and world;
    3. High expectations for myself and the students, parents, guardians, and staff at North;
    4. Appreciation for individuality, multiculturalism, diversity, and equity;
    5. Dedication to working with students’ families and others throughout the community as valued partners;
    6. Commitment to being consistently present, visible, accessible, dependable, transparent, and supportive;
    7. Respect for the difficult jobs and hard work of staff; and
    8. Understanding of the many challenges we will face, and the creativity, work ethic, and determination to overcome them.

I am neither naive nor unrealistic. There are unfortunate realities that we must acknowledge, understand, openly and honestly discuss, and strategically address in order to be successful as a school. Decades of research shows that the odds are against us as a high-poverty, racially segregated, and under-resourced school. Most people expect us to fail. We will prove them wrong. Our children are brilliant, gifted, and capable. Some people may even want us to fail. We will disappoint them. Our staff are talented and devoted. The path will not be easy, but “we shall overcome.” We shall become a school where students develop the knowledge, skills, and character needed to succeed in further schooling, thrive in adulthood, and positively contribute to their communities.

We shall become a school with all the following components:

    • Shared vision, mission, goals, and high expectations;
    • Effective leadership;
    • Engaging curriculum aligned with standards, and effective teaching;
    • High levels of meaningful family and community engagement; and
    • Positive, supportive, collaborative, and safe school climate

I am eager to work with you and look forward to all the wonderful things we will achieve together! Thank you for this opportunity and for your faith in me. Please feel free to contact me any time. My cell phone number is (720) 545-4052, my email address is, and my door is always open. I want to hear your feedback, ideas, questions, and concerns!

With Love and Appreciation,

Rachel Langberg, Principal