Grading System

Grading System Visual

Choices Grades: S or U

These are for classes such as exploratory and Intervention classes.

  • The S means satisfactory progress, the U means unsatisfactory progress.

  • A student in math intervention can earn an “S” and still have a “PP” or “U” for their proficiency grade in the core math class. This is due to the fact that the core math class is working on grade level concepts such as linear equations while the math intervention class is building skills, such as multiplying fractions and learning long division that were missed in past years.

State Growth

Besides receiving report cards from the school you should have also received your child’s growth scores from the state. This information is incredibly important to understand and relates directly to student progress in reading, writing and math. Growth scores cover three basic ranges:

  • Low Growth: Growth below 40% in any given area.

  • Average Growth: Growth between 40% and 65% in any given area.

  • High Growth: Growth above 65% in any given area.

Why is this so important? A student with Proficient (P) or higher reading, writing and math skills, with strong work habits (3 or 4), will be successful and ready to enter high school with all the skills and understandings necessary to succeed. Please contact your teachers directly with any question you may have regarding your child’s progress.

* This information was borrowed from Columbia Middle School