At North Middle School we understand the importance of educating the “whole child”; including their social/emotional well-being. To address the developmental needs of our adolescent students, True North Advisory teachers deliver the Second Step program curriculum. This curriculum is delivered 4 days a week in Advisory class which is 30 minutes in length.

The curriculum focuses on enhancing social skills and provides activities to explore how our thoughts, emotions, and actions affect these interactions. The Second Step Program is a first-of-its-kind social emotional curriculum that’s modern, web-based, and responsive to the needs of today’s students and educators. It’s underpinned by the latest research in adolescent brain development and social psychology, and it’s been refined through multiple pilot programs in classrooms across the country. The result is a program that doesn’t just help kids do better in school. It helps them do better in life. The units include topics and activities on mindsets and goals, values and friendships, thoughts emotions and decisions, and resolving serious peer conflicts.