Student/Parent Surveys


Students will complete their student climate surveys online. One common method would be to pick one period during the day and have all students complete the survey at that time. While we would like all students to have the chance to complete the survey, you do not have to schedule make-up dates if students are not in attendance when the survey is administered. Survey completion should take no more than one fifty minute class period. The survey is set up to allow multiple responses per computer so you can use your computer labs.

Beginning the Survey Session:

· Students will need to know their 8 digit Student ID to enter on the first page of the survey.

· Once each student is seated in front of a computer terminal, instruct them to go to the appropriate link (or you may set up the computer to have the link already accessed on their computers when they come in the room).

· You will need to establish and maintain a quiet and serious atmosphere at the start of, and during, the survey administration.

· Instruct students who finish the survey early, or who choose to opt out of taking the survey, to take out quiet work until the rest of the class is finished.

· Read the Survey Script below to students before they take the survey-it is very important that this script is read to all students surveyed.

Survey Script:

Today you have an opportunity to give your opinions about your school THIS YEAR. Your answers to these questions should reflect how you really feel about the topic, so there are no right or wrong answers. Please try to think about THIS SCHOOL YEAR only when you answer. The most important thing is to give your real feelings rather than what you think others want you to say. You do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to answer, but we hope you will do your best to answer as many questions as you can. Your feelings about these statements are very important so please answer honestly.

No one will report your individual answers. Answers from all students in your school will be combined together. Only the combined results of all students will be given to your teachers and principal. Based on the answers from all students in your school, teachers and principals will hear what students think. They will hear what students think about your school’s environment and conditions for learning. No one at your school will know your answer to any single question.

When I say “Begin,” read each sentence and choose the answer that best tells how you feel about that sentence. Please read each statement very carefully because some students think some of the statements sound the same, but really each statement is very different. You should select the first answer that comes to your mind. Do not spend a lot of time thinking about an answer.

When students have completed the survey be sure they click the “done” button. Then it will loop to start of survey and allow another response for the next student.

Link for 5th- 8th grade English survey:

Link for 5th- 8th grade Spanish survey: