Ms. Collister

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Call Me At: 303-364-7411 ext. 45678

I am a Colorado native that happened to grow up on Guam before moving back to the Denver-area 20+ years ago. I love traveling, watching documentaries, and eating spicy vegetarian food with my family and friends. I drink more coffee than I should, and I sometimes garden and work on projects around my house. My husband and I have two daughters and a son, as well as a houseful of spoiled pets.

Classes Taught/Role: 7th grade science teacher

College(s) Attended:

Front Range Community College

University of Colorado-Denver (Bachelor’s in Biology)

University of Colorado-Denver (Master’s in Secondary Science Curricula and Instruction)

North Edge Characteristic that resonates with me:

The characteristics of Good Energy and Team Focused resonate with me because I thrive in a space where collaboration and fun lead to learning and growth. I believe that everyone has something valuable to offer the collective, and that middle school should be a positive place of academic and personal development.