North Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures

Buses Eng & SP.pdf
Hybrid Student Entry & Exit Map.pdf

For Bus Route Information please visit or call 303-326-1986 .

Bus Rules

Students are expected to adhere to the following expectations while riding the bus:


Arrive 5 minutes early and ready to board.

Listen & Follow Directions, keep hands and feet and objects to self

Remember all personal items

Stay seated until bus stops



Wait in line out of Danger Zone & private property

Share your seat & Make safe choices

Use inside classroom voice & behavior

Get off at your assigned stop, stay out of the Danger zone



Wait in line behind curb & enter single file when door is opened

Move to allow others to exit safely

Know your Route number

Sit seat to seat & back to back

Use Kind Words and move allow others to exit safely

Stay seated while on the bus & Know emergency exits

Use hand rail when exiting & cross 10 steps in front of bus

For more information, visit the APS Transportation site HERE